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Booting the System

Welcome to SIMPLE Roleplaying! A blog about tabletop roleplaying games that are powered by the SIMPLE System. There is currently one roleplaying game online for free download: [digital_shades]

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9 comments on “Booting the System

  1. David Mayeux
    April 9, 2013

    Just got [digital_shades] via 1km1kt and after looking at it, it’s a nice elegant system, and I appreciate the compact design for “throw it in the back pocket” gaming.

    I’d describe it to someone else as action resolution according to Storyteller System-like dice pools (with D6s), and the dice-pool determined by RISUS-esque Clichés. And in fact, the listed Clichés in [d_s] would be perfect if someone insisted on running RISUS Cyber-Punk but needed a quick list for char creation.

    You mention that different types of weapons do blunt, sharp, or bang damage, but it’s unclear what happens if, for example, a character gets attacked by a sword-wielding ninja and takes two points of slash damage and later a mega-corporate thug thwacks a sap across the same char’s head dealing a level of blunt damage. Is she now at “hurts like hell”? and in need of a Tough Bastard Roll?

    Looking forward to other projects you might develop. Keep up the good work and Kudos on [digital_shades]!

  2. Prisma
    April 15, 2013

    Thanks! I’m happy that you like [d_s].

    I have to apologize for beeing late, but here is the answer for your question:

    A TB Roll is necessary only when a character suffers damage on the “hurts like hell” level, regardless of the section the damage was done.

    In your example:
    The first hit (from the ninja) does two points of sharp damage and brings the character to “hurts like hell” -> a TB-Roll is necessary.
    The second hit (from the thug) does one in the blut damage section. So, the character is on “You’re dazed” in blunt -> No TB Roll necessary for this hit.

    (Let’s say our character takes a third hit, this time from a pistol. It does one damage in “Bang”. The health meter tells that it is a “hurts like hell” damage -> a TB-Roll is necessary.)

  3. Mandemon
    June 24, 2014


    I just wanted to say nice work with this ruleset. Very simple and clear.

    Just wanted to ask if it is okay for me to use this as a base for a homebrewn RPG ruleset? To expand it little bit for our game.

    Mainly because we want to keep our RPG simple and easy to learn. We will credit you and link to this site, naturally.

    • Prisma
      June 26, 2014

      Hello Mandemon

      I am happy that you like the rules. Yes, it’s okay if you use it for your homebrew RPG. 🙂
      Please send me a link to the file when you are finished, so I can put a link to it too. I’d love to see your variant of the ruleset.

      • Mandemon
        June 26, 2014

        Here is our current beta ruleset. Mind you, we haven’t had a chance to playtest this yet, but we plan to have a test run this weekend. I am working as the GM to see what sort of GM rules/tables we need to add and what mechanics are confusing/uncessary/unfun.

        As you can see, we expanded them somewhat, but wanted to keep it simple as possible. We wanted it to be definite enough that the GM does not need to think the entire world up, but simple enough that any newcomer can easily get in.

  4. Prisma
    June 26, 2014

    Nice, I’ll look at it.

  5. steampower penguin
    July 1, 2014

    Hello Prisma, Steampeng here, Steampunk Lovecraftian Wargamer and RPGer in progress

    I’m just wondering, can I make an tabletop wargame system base on your RPG system?

    • Prisma
      July 1, 2014

      Hello Steampeng,

      yes, you can. 🙂
      Please send me a link to the file when you are finished, so I can link to it too.

  6. steampower penguin
    July 1, 2014

    sounds good, been thinking on making an wargame with RPG elements 🙂

    I will sent the link as soon as I get done with it

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