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New translation inbound & Creative Commons License

Happy new year everybody!

Fantastic news! A polish translation is inbound, so [digital_shades] will be available in three languages. I am very happy. πŸ˜€

I also decided to put [digital_shades] / the SIMPLE System under a Creative Commons License, to make access easier for you out there. This allowes you to use, alter, translate, share, etc. the game as you like it, without the need to ask for permission. Just make your own versions, derivates, genre adaptions and translations of the game. Please send me a copy or a link to your derivates, so I can post them on this blog too. πŸ™‚

There are three things about this CC Licnese you need to now. If you are going to make a derivate or genre adaption, etc. you need to:

-include my name as the author of the original creation.

-do not use it commercially.

-have to put your derivate under the same legal condition as I did (basically these three points).

For easy use, I put all information that needs to be somewhere in a derivate, already in the file.

D_S CC explain pic

You may be wondering, but [digital_shades] was not made with some high tech, industry-standard desktop publishing application, like e.g. “InDesign”. It was just made with the lovely “Open Office Draw”. I wanted to put the .odg file online, but apparently WordPress does only allow the upload of some file types, .odg files are not on the list. So, “Foxit” should help you to edit the PDF version. You can find the new .pdf file in the download section. If you have trouble and want the .odg file, I can mail you the file on request.

Best regards and have fun!


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