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SIMPLE Roleplaying…

is a blog about the tabletop roleplaying games I wrote. They run with a system I named the “SIMPLE System”. The title also describes the design philosophy behind it: Easy and fast rules, really fast character creation and no need for dice roll orgies during play. (If you don’t know what tabletop roleplaying is, check your favorite search engine for more information.) You will find the games in the download section. They are free! Currently only one is finished and available for download.

External simplicity, internal complexity

The character creation, action & combat rules are simple but potent mechanics. Players may create sound characters in a few minutes without even knowing the game before. Despite their shortness, the rules will help players and game masters in the decission of the outcome of many situations and since the rules are on one page only, game masters may run a session almost instantly, they just need their scenario.

Who wrote this… and why?

My name is Michael C. Goran. I play and run tabletop roleplaying games for over seventeen years now. I got into the hobby with FASAs Battletech and started with TSRs AD&D 2nd Ed. in 1995. I instantly fell in love with tabletop RPGs and since then I played and GMed a lot of differend games. One of my favorite genres is cyberpunk. There are great old and new RPGs for that out there and I like many of them, but most are systems that take you in to a specific direction. I would like to contribute to the genre and to the hobby, by creating an easy and dedicated system that let you decide this direction. So, I created the SIMPLE System and the first game that runs with it is [digital_shades]. It’s a (post)cyberpunk roleplaying game that allows you to explore almost any vision of this kind of future. May it come from literature, other visual media or from your own imagination.

Further projects

The SIMPLE System will not stay in the cyberpunk genre only. With time, there will be new SIMPLE games, settings and several scenarios for [digital_shades] and later games.

I hope you’ll have fun with the SIMPLE System. If you have questions or want to give feedback contact me via trapezoeder[at]

Best regards and happy gaming

Michael C. Goran

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