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Do you like science fiction and tv shows like “Star Trek” or “Firefly”? Do you like RPGs and the adventures of spaceship crews exploring far space, alien civilisations and superior technologies? Then Starblind might be right for you. Starblind is written by Sven Weber and uses all the clever mechanics from the SIMPLE SYSTEM by Michael C. Goran. A small and easy to learn roleplaying game for the stunning adventures of a spaceship crew.

Starblind is still under construction, a lot of test sessions have to be made yet. And unfortunately, it is only availabe in german language so far. But there will be an english translation after the system is finished.

Two addons are already in development.
The first one will provide detailed but simple rules for travelling with space ships. It will also include rules for battles between spaceships, or if you want, whole fleets of them! The second addon will allow you to design your own spaceship in a few minutes. Everything will be possible. From small and fast fighters to really huge battlecruisers or stations!

Feel free to download the game on this site and test it. We are looking forward to your feedback in the comments section of this blog or via email: starblind[at]

(Please find the German version of Starblind in the download section.)

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